Author: HARUNO Mami

Status: Completed   

Genre: Drama , Romance , Shounen Ai ,

Update: Feb 11, 2011


Next update: about Feb 18, 2011


When sato saw this stranger in the station, he couldnt take his eyes from him. So given the sign, he followed him, and that night also took one of his name cards.
But what was the reason that stranger agreed so easily? And how would he react when his one night stand would come to his work place to look for him the morning after?

High-school senior Hawegawa Saturo likes the looks of a man he sees in the train station and follows him, which leads to a one-night stand. Although there is no promise of a relationship, he grabs 23-year old Kubata Hiroki's business card, as a sort of good-luck charm that they'll meet again. But Hiroki is suffering from unrequited love for his senpai, who is getting married soon. Can Saturo make Hiroki see him, love him, instead of using him as a stand-in for another man?

Vol2 oneshot- Take A Deep Breath:
two childhood friends become lovers but one of them seems cold blooded and never cries.


Secrecy Ch.6(end) Jan 4, 2013
Secrecy Ch.5 Jan 4, 2013
Secrecy Ch.4 Jan 4, 2013
Secrecy Ch.3 Jan 4, 2013
Secrecy Ch.2 Jan 4, 2013
Secrecy Ch.1 Jan 4, 2013

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